Extra Large Shoes

My aide, Sue, has been out on disability for eight days... and counting. Apparently when that door hit her, it must have hit a nerve. She has to take muscle relaxants and Vicodin for the left side of her body, and she has to see a neurologist this week because her vision is blurry. She's supposed to go back to the doctor's on Monday to see if they'll release her to come back to work (please Lord!).

The district has sent a substitute aide for most of those eight days, but it is definitely not the same. Although having the extra pair of hands is nice, she has only worked with high school kids, and I just can't teach someone how to be a natural with the kids. With Sue, I can give her a group of kids to work with and give her little or no direction and I can be confident that she'll do a terrific job. She knows what needs to be done before I even ask her. She takes my grand ideas and runs with them. She de-clutters my room and cloroxes all surfaces at the end of every day. She even shares her snacks with me. You just can't replace someone like that, people. Her shoes are just too big to fill!


Anonymous said...

Teaching, is a gift from the Lord literally and spiritually. How do I know, the Bible tells me so. You may look it up under the gifts of the Holy Spirit if you are interested. Your aide had been gifted. I pray she will be back soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sue AND poor you! Hang in there! Mom

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