Let's Call it a Day

Today was a Big Day. Not only was it the first day back from Spring Break, it was also the day I had to tell my colleagues The Announcement. It was a very emotional day for me. Thankfully, the Lord was merciful! It was easier to deal with The Announcement when the kids weren't running me ragged. I had two students absent, and a third one left before lunch for a doctor's appointment. That left seven with me--and because of speech pullouts and math mainstreaming, I mostly just had four or five students to deal with at any one time.

The kids were wet noodles today! They were so tired, yawning and slouching all the time. At one point in the morning, I suggested maybe we should all take a nap instead of Reading Group... and they literally cheered!! It was nice just to have a laid back day. I introduced the new ocean unit, read them the new/updated class storybook (it's all pictures of them and the fun stuff we've been doing throughout the year with simple text captions--they LOVE to read this book. It's like they're all narcissists or something...), and we talked about what we did over break. I know we did some language arts and math in there somewhere too, but it's all just a blur. You know, only getting six hours of sleep will make anything seem like a blur!


Anonymous said...

Well, California's loss will be Michigan's gain. I have been reading your blog since its inception and, in my opinion, you are a WONDERFUL teacher. You have been a bright and shining star for the little ones, your collegues, and the administration. God knew what He was doing when He created you. Please keep the blog trail open when you blaze new territory in the Michigan school system. God has a placed already picked out for you He will show you the way.

2 bees said...

So, how many sick days have you accumulated and what is the compensation for them?

Anonymous said...

Six hours sleep is the norm for dedicated teachers.


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