The Last Day

Some thoughts on the Last Day:
  • You know you're moving when you end up eating ice cream straight out of the carton.... with a long wooden spoon.
  • Field Day goes much smoother when you recruit a fifth grade class to be in charge of everything.
  • If the school rule is "no backpacks" on the last day, then why even send the kids?
  • We're having a DHH party at a local Mexican restaurant after the last school bell rings. I'm going to feel guilty for partying when Max is home packing and cleaning. I owe him!
  • I am really, really, really, really, really going to miss everyone here!

Happy Summer Everyone! Tomorrow, we're off to Michigan! Thirty-six hours of carsickness.... yea!


Geo & Rock said...

We're going to miss YOU!

The Lord used you over the last 2 years; He'll keep on using you as long as you let Him

Thanks for taking care of Grandma Minnie while you were on the west coast.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!!!

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