I sometimes marvel at my students' concrete grasp of language. Today, at an assembly, we saw an incredible production of "By the Great Horn Spoon" by a drama company. So many costumes, great folksy music, and hilarious actors. I realized right away that much of the story line was over my kids' heads with sophisticated vocabulary, accents, and whatnot. But that was okay, because the performance was entertaining in so many other ways.

And I was kept entertained by laughing at my students (in a good way, I promise). At one point, the actors were pretending that they were on a boat and landing in San Fransisco. All six actors excitedly pointed to the back of the room and shouted "LOOK!" There were at least one hundred other kids in the auditorium--my kids were the only ones to look behind them, eagerly trying to see what the actors were looking at. Then they looked at me and said "What?" "What is it?".

Later in the program one of the actors was giving a "haircut" to another actor. He had a huge curly black wig, complete with beard. The "barber" cut furiously at the air, threw fake tufts above his head (taken from inside his sleeve, no doubt), then lifted up a towel in front of his hairy customer and gave a couple of shakes. When he lowered the towel, the customer magically had a nice tailored haircut... the difference was huge! It was all quite comical--especially when I heard an audible gasp of shock and awe from one of my girls :)


Anonymous said...

Innocense is a beautiful thing!!!

Anonymous said...

How CUTE! Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for using your talent for language to take us along!Fun!
Love, BB

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