Ode to Dad

It has recently come to my attention that 1) it's Father's Day, and 2) I didn't send my dad a card, not even an e-card. I know, I'm a terrible daughter! I was much too busy planning crafts for my students to make to give to their fathers than to think about my own.

So, in an effort to correct this most grievous mistake, I will use this venue to honor my dad as well as make him famous among my millions upon millions of readers. I want to say thank you for all those times when I was so ungrateful as a kid....

  • Remember that time when I was nine and it was the weekend or a school break or something and I sat on the couch and whined and whined about how bored I was? You decided to pack the whole family into the car, bring some food and some floaty toys and drive out to the lake for a fun-filled day. I had a great time. And when we got home that evening and I started to whine about how bored I was again, you only yelled at me a little bit. It was the first time I really started to think about the feelings of others. Thank you for that.

  • Remember all of those times when we were all in the car and I would complain about how hot I was, so you would turn on the AC, and then two minutes later I would complain about how cold I was so you would turn on the heat? And how I would repeat the whole cycle again and again throughout the whole trip? Thank you for being patient with me.

  • Remember when you were in language school that first year in France and it was so hard and so frustrating? Thank you for not giving up on God's call.

  • Remember when you yelled at that awful second grade teacher who slapped me in the face for not correcting my paper in the right color? Thank you for standing up for me.

  • Remember when we were in the states for furlough and you made us visit all those churches with you and listen to your same sermon every Sunday? Thank you for not ever making me sing a French song in front of all those people.

  • Remember when you and mom sent me to BFA a whole year early? Thank you for making that sacrifice.

  • Remember when you wore those outrageous 2000 glasses at my high school graduation because you thought they were so cool even though they weren't? Thank you for teaching me to always be myself.

  • Remember when you never gave me a curfew time in high school, but only insisted that I brush my teeth before I left the house? Thank you for trusting me. And for setting a good example for my oral hygiene.

  • Remember when I had you for my biology teacher and you insisted on not giving me any special treatment, yet looked the other way when I sat in the back of your class and knitted a scarf? Thank you for your special treatment.

  • Remember when you and mom were so supportive of Max and I getting married so early? Thank you for giving our marriage a great start.

  • Remember when you wanted me to buy the more expensive wedding dress because it made me feel prettier? Thank you for spoiling me.

  • Remember all those times throughout my life when you and mom prayed for me, and I didn't know it? Thank you for that.

And, to properly repay you for all that you've done for me, I've decided that we're finally going to buy you that car you've always wanted:

I love you dad!


Anonymous said...

Oh great--make the rest of us kids look bad.

By the way, I don't remember that first memory you shared--was I left behind and didn't know it???

Anonymous said...

I'm the happiest dad in the whole world because the LORD gave me so many years with you, our Princess!

And thank you for being you ~ even though Max is paying heavily for it on a daily basis!

Thank you for your generous words full of love and affection. It was felt deeply.

Your Dad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well said from all the unknown fathers and their grateful children...

rock said...

Sarah, you are truely a parent's dream come true.

May God bless you and Max forever.

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