Next Question, Please

I had an over-the-phone interview this morning at 7. I was anxious to do well, as this district is offering the only two oral deaf positions in the state. Yes, in the state. I was also aware that they had been interviewing all day yesterday and will still be continuing the interview process tomorrow (and I'm pretty sure most of their applicants are new graduates from a certain college nearby). 

I am pretty confident about my job skills (hopefully not too confident), so my immediate thought upon waking this morning was "bring it on". When they finally called (three people were listening in and asking questions), we talked for about an hour. I expected some of their questions, such as: "discuss the process involved for a MET and an IEP" and "what do you do to ensure that all hearing aids are working properly?". But some questions were a bit vague, like "describe how you foster students' cognitive development". 

And a small series of questions almost made me gasp from holding back the giggles.... They asked me to define what a compound sentence was, what a complex sentence was, what an adjective and an adverb were, and what an indirect object and direct object were! I realize that they were trying to gauge my understanding of language structures, but Max (who was listening from the other room) wondered if I was actually auditioning for Jeopardy instead of interviewing for a potential job.

By the way, the two openings are for junior high and for preschool. I'll let you guess which one I'm really gunning for. :)


Anonymous said...

We're praying hard that you'll be placed in the PERFECT as to shine! Mom

Anonymous said...

Complex sentence??

Sandi said...

I hope you get the job! By the way, where did you order the butterfly kits from? I am going to do that with my kiddos since it looked like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Wowo...I am still thinking about those parts of speech questions. I taught junior high language arts for about 15 years and I would have choked instead of giggle. Did they ask you what a no-hitter was and if you are a Detroit Tiger fan?

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