Extreme Makeover: Resume Edition

As you all know, I've been searching high and low for all kinds of jobs that I consider myself "qualified" to do. In my mind, I'm like: "I can do that!", or "I can learn to do that!". Then I attach my resume, and I feel a moment of panic because my resume means nothing unless submitted to some kind of job in education. Here's a two sentence summary of my two page resume:

I taught these kids. Then, I taught these kids.

Most jobs I've applied for are receptionist/administrative assistant types of jobs. Suddenly all of my teaching skills mean "team player", "organized", "multi-tasking", "efficient time management", "strong communicator". They probably can see right through that and realize that's all bunk, and that is why I am still unemployed.


Father-in-law said...

When I was out of work (I was laid off for 3 semesters) my ego took a hit. Remember all those verses that remind us of who we are in Christ and you will feel "employed" by the Master of the Universe. He is a GREAT boss!

Anonymous said...

It'll happen eventually, I KNOW!! And just think of all the character the Lord is building in you! Love and prayers, Mom

Chance said...

I'd like to give you some reassuring words, but I'm freaking out about my own job application ups and downs.

Seriously, though, don't sell your resume short. teaching is hard. Wear those jobs like a badge of pride. You'll get the job you want.

CLR said...

I'm told that perseverance is key in this kind of thing.

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