Internet, I Have Missed You

There was a bit of a snafoo with AT&T, and it is unknown when we will have the internet hooked up in our new place. So for the moment I am taking advantage of the high-speed internet connection on campus. Woo hoo!

It's officially been one week since we've moved into our new duplex. Let me tell you why this place is SO MUCH COOLER than our last place (you remember, the sprawling apartment complex with all the mold and drunken neighbors?)
  • When I look out my window, I see trees and other houses instead of a wall.
  • There are two stories, so I can do my own thing and not worry about bothering Max when he's studying!
  • We can't hear any neighbors fighting.
  • There are TWO bedrooms. Yea!!
  • When you walk out of the house, you don't have to go through a maze of hallways and stairs to get to the car!
  • We're so close to a tower here that we're getting HD signals for major channels! Hello perfect reception!
  • There are cats here!

The cats have been adjusting to indoor life quite well. They love the new couch, and they love hanging out on top of our bed, and running around underneath it. They also love coughing up hairballs on our bed. Okay, that only happened once, but it was worth mentioning. And even though it happened right after I put on a new duvet cover over our comforter, I still love my cats. This must be the feeling parents have when their baby blows out a diaper....

I am still job hunting. I have an interview on Monday morning for a nationally accredited daycare place that has seven campuses around the area. They have healthcare, and they reimburse tuition if you want to earn a higher degree! It sounds promising, and I'll let all five of you readers know how the interview goes!


reader # 1 said...

My His grace and mercy precede you on the job interview and may the cats bring you more joy and less hair balls...

should proof read said...

Reader # 1 meant May not my...

Anonymous said...

Even though you did not cough up "hair balls," as a kid, it seems that you did just about everything else. Love is strange sometimes.


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