Define "exquized"

All 6th - 8th grade students at my school were asked to write an essay about what they liked specifically about our school. Here are some excerpts:

" . . .the teachers are nice except when they have to buckle down and teach."

"[Our school] teaches us more than we need to know."

"They let you socialize every two weeks."

"I like [this school] because when you're not good at something instead of pulling you down the teacher pushes you up."

"My academics are good and they instill a lot of lessons that we will probably remembers till we die."

"These among many other factors are why I, and my family of course, have chosen this exquized educating facility."

And here's my favorite comment (maybe because I can identify with it):

" . . . and my last reason is because I have no choice."


roller coaster teacher said...

Gotta LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

But, not one of them commented about how pretty the teachers are! Apparently you really do spend too much time in your office! Dad

Anonymous said...

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