Out of the Mouth of Babes

Overheard between my two third-graders, as they illustrated their writing:

Girl: "Is life easy when you're grown-up?"
Boy: "I don't think it will be fun because they have to pay bills and stuff"
Girl: "But I love chores... Chores are my favorite!"

And a little later on:

Girl: "Do you know my mom?"
Me: "Yeah, she's a nice lady"
Girl (rolling eyes): "When you are her daughter, she drives you nuts and she's not that sweet"
Girl: "When you have kids, please do not drive them nuts, or they will be saying the same thing!"

Good advice...


roller coaster teacher said...


Max said...

Conversation one brought to mind an important incentive for having children: you can make them do the chores you don't want to.

(Note to self: find out if kids can read and summarize grad-school textbooks.)

Anonymous said...

Did I drive you nuts?? Don't answer that! Mom

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