Put it on my 'Professional Development' tab

Registration fee for one day Autism conference:

Gas to get there:
$8 ish



Doing something different than the everyday hum-drum:

The school paid the registration fee. I paid for everything else.

I wonder what would happen if teachers had their own expense accounts?!


Max said...

Re-im-burse-ment. Re-im-burse-ment. Re-im-burse-ment. Everybody!

Anonymous said...

How dare you park and eat! Mom

Geo & Rock said...

If you don't mind wearing green daily, try working for Oregon State Parks. That state agency, flushed with cash from state lottery funds, will reimburse for all -- yes, all -- related expenses. Fiscal restraint and prudence is not a management objective in recent years.

kindadad said...

Keep your receipts for tax purposes...

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