And I'll be Inspector Gadget

Our school, like many schools around the country I'm sure, held mock elections. It's sweet too, because these young children are just parroting their parents when they talk about the presidential race. Apparently, they say that the person who wins the mock school elections ends up winning the real election, so I was interested to find out who our little students had elected.

As it turns out, our 2nd through 4th graders elected McCain, and our 5th through 8th graders elected Obama! So it's still up in the air I guess!

One of my kindergartners, this little guy, had to write a sentence about what he would do if he was president. When he was finished, he told his aide that in case he didn't become president, he wanted to sell "Krabby Patties" for a living--a la Spongebob Squarepants!


Rebekah said...

That's hilarious. Our school also had mock elections, and the middle schoolers were like: "Who's Nader?" So because they didn't know where this guy came from, and because he had a "funny name,"... they voted, and the results came in at the end of the day: 9% voted Nader, 40-something % for McCain, and 50-something % for Obama.

Randy et Jan said...

Last night I decided to practice with the number 1 Guebwiller team. They were preparing for the big match this Saturday night against an undefeated team that has won every match by at least 20 points. The guys from Guebwiller kept chanting, "Yes we can!" (In a French accent, of course!) The U.S. elections has touched many parts of the world, and society!

XOXO dad

P.S. ~ Pray for your dad as he will be playing the match just before the first team! There should be a huge crowd.

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