Seated and Sated

Yup, those two words just about sum up my two-day conference. We sat a lot. We ate constantly. It was as if they were trying to distract us from the fact that most of our breakout sessions weren't very worthwhile.... at every chance they got, they shoved food at us (not that I'm complaining about the yummy food!)

The highlight of the conference was listening to the very entertaining and slightly irreverent W. James Popham, who had intelligent and helpful things to say about formative assessment. His dry wit was so hilarious; I was disappointed that they didn't let him talk more than an hour and a half!

Now if only I didn't have three more days of school to get through before I can catch up on some rest!!


Anonymous said...

Not THE W. James Popham? I love how he makes the complex issues understandable, especially in authentic assessment and the Saber tooth tiger analogy! B.F. Skinner and behavioral technique was taken to an all new level...

P.S. The cookie thing was good too.

Anonymous said...

Catch up on your rest? We're you painting the town red at night? Mom

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