"I've Lost That Floaty Feeling"

As it turns out, waiting years and not months between dental visits is a bad idea. Stupid, really, because then you find out that you need all this work done, and then suddenly you're broke.

I was dreading today's visit to the dentist because they were putting in a crown. I wasn't exactly sure all that it entailed, but I figured if it was anything like my root canal a couple of years ago, then it wasn't going to be a walk in the park.

When I got comfortable in the chair, the dentist told me that she usually gives patients laughing gas in order to "take the edge off of this procedure". After she assured me that this was a freebie and that I wouldn't get billed for the extra "comfort", I told her to go ahead. I had never had laughing gas while awake before (when they took out my wisdom teeth when I was a teenager, they knocked me totally out), so I wasn't sure what to expect.

After about five minutes of breathing in and out of the nose cover, I asked the dentist what I should be feeling because I wasn't feeling any different than before the gas. "Oh", she said, "I guess you're not a lightweight when it comes to this stuff". So she increased the amount.

Then I spent the next hour feeling absolutely floaty, thinking about how much I loved everybody, especially Mrs. Dental Hygienist and Dr. Dentist. I had lots of warm, fuzzy feelings about my students, my family, this chair I was sitting in, and Thursdays in general. At one point I lifted my leg, but I stopped midair because I thought if I kept going I might kick the ceiling. I even thought of the perfect title if I ever write my autobiography. But mostly I felt like a pretty bubble, just floating along in the wind, totally unconcerned about everything and anything.

I totally get why people do drugs now! Not that I'll start doing drugs, but I will be counting down until my next dentist appointment! Ha!


Rebekah said...

First of all, tisk, tisk for not getting your teeth cleaned... A crown is no good. Second of all, I will forever imagine you lifting your leg and then stopping halfway. Lastly, I would like to be the hygienist giving the drug so that I can laugh at all the patients and their funny reactions. You'll always be our pretty bubble, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Thing about bubbles is they POP! I've had that gas before (in CA.) and I remember not caring about ANYTHING! I'm glad you didn't feel the pain! Oh, and by the way, I'm in the middle of a crown procedure myself....sans gas! ouch, Mom

Anonymous said...

I concur, my first experience was similar to you. I LOVED THE FEELING. My dentist will NOT let me use it anymore. I guess you are NOT suppose to TOUCH his equipment without permission. He did not believe my hand "floated" to the handle of the gas tube thingy...what a grouch!

Anonymous said...

You're such a good writer, Sarah...I was right there floating along with you! They also give something good prior to surgery, in the IV. Then they wrap you in a warmed blanket...prior to cutting out your whatever. :) Brenda

roller coaster teacher said...

"Float away..." (sung to tune of "Sail Away")

Randy et Jan said...

Now you know why we started it all in the '60's and why Woodstock happened. Purple haze, dude. dad

The Shillings said...

Hah - now I know what to ask for if I ever have dental work done (fingers crossed that won't be any time soon!)
I saw on your husband's blog that you are headed to Europe in July. When? Eric and I took the same approach booking a ticket with stops - and are spending the day in NYC touring around while waiting for another flight to take us to Paris. I could NOT be more excited than a month in Europe!!

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