Election Day Should be a National Holiday

I had a fantastic weekend! It was very hard to think about going back to school. I considered calling in sick... but since I'm just coughing every so often, I didn't think it justified staying home.

I had a brief surge of hope around four this morning as I was awakened by a very loud thunderstorm. I thought: "If I have any luck at all, my school will get struck by lightning and the power outage will make us have to stay home". I even turned on my cell phone in case I got a call from the school. But the call never came. I pulled into the parking lot and my hopes were finally dashed as I spotted the lights on inside.

Is it too early for a snow day???


Sandra B said...

It is NOT too early for a snow day! Over a dozen schools here in London had one last week - because an early snow fall knocked out so many power lines... a number of schools had no power! (so, well... thats sort of a snow day!)

Anonymous said...

You have it bad girl...only 27 years to go!

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, we had a fantastic weekend too! :) Brenda

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