Conclusion: need more vacation time

Things I did:
  1. Got a new dryer
  2. Spent Christmas money at Old Navy (one dress and three skirts for ten bucks total!!!)
  3. Got the oil changed
  4. Ran errands at Walmart
  5. Ate lunch at Chick-Fil-A
  6. Went to church
  7. Watched Barney run off some steam at the dog park
  8. Worked out
  9. Cleaned the house
  10. Spent more money at the mall
  11. Bought kick-butt knee high leather boots from the thrift store
  12. Watched the Best Movie of All Time ("Mansfield Park", the 1999 version)
  13. Ate chili and homemade bread (thanks, Max!)
Things I meant to do, but never ended up happening:
  1. Blog
  2. Write in my old-fashioned journal
  3. Sew some baby leg-warmers
  4. Organize my closet
  5. Clean/organize my craft area
  6. Make biscotti


Anonymous said...

I like the things you did--good prioritizing! :) Brenda

Jenny said...

You accomplished a ton! Way to go! Nice shopping at Old Navy. How did you manage that?

Did you watch Mansfield Park with subtitles? It made a huge difference for me, sadly. I loved the movie though.

Sarah said...

My local Old Navy is shutting down and they had reduced their clearance items by another 75%!

And I've never watched the movie with subtitles, I'll have to try that some time!

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