I don't teach no stinkin' fifth graders!

Andrew raises his hand. "Mrs. B? I can't breathe."

"Why not?", I prompt.

"Because of Ricky" he informs me.

Suddenly, I can smell Ricky too. And what did Ricky have to say for himself? "There's a skunk in my pocket."


Anonymous said...

What?? Is that a new term for that old bodily function?

Randy et Jan said...

Skunk in your dad's pocket too!! Mom

Rebekah said...

WHAT? A real skunk? Was it really? Then what happened?

hannah said...

A skunk??? I hope he cleaned up nicely.

Shell said...

5th graders area awesome. :)

Laurie said...

I once taught at a school with k-7. I was a special needs teacher who frequently traveled class to class. The stink got worse as the grade levels rose. I was often gagging near 6 and 7 grade rooms. Adolescents put out amazing hormones, don't they?

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