The New Year's Resolution of the Century

Yesterday was my first day back at work. It was a really nice transition because it was an all day professional development meeting! But being back at school, back in my classroom, back behind my desk... let's just say I was really missing Vacation. I was also dreading the return of a particular problem-child in my fourth grade class. You know, the one who's so flippantly defiant all the time, who saunters out of my classroom and off school grounds when he doesn't feel like following directions, who isn't above hitting or kicking others when he wants his way. Yeah, that kid. I was kinda hoping he had moved out of town. I was especially nervous about how he would do today on his first day back.
But he came back! And he managed to keep it together all morning! In fact, he even came up to me and said very earnestly:
"I not going to be crazy no more. I don't hit nobody!"
Yeah, I'll toast to that!!!


Anonymous said...

Good decision on his part-hopefully it will be just that simple :)
Miss you guys!!!!! Love, Brenda

Anonymous said...

He must have had the same New Year resolution as me...

Anonymous said...

Hope he keeps his resolution better than I do! Love you, Mom

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