The Countdown

Thanks, Max. I'm going to continue posting and forget all about this unpleasant incident.

The countdown to summer vacation has officially begun. (I won't even talk about how jealous I am that my father-in-law is done on Friday...). We have 12 more school days until the end. Every day at calendar, a student cuts off one link of a paper chain--one link for every day left. And every time a link is cut off, all the kids cheer! Naturally, many field trips are scheduled for these last days. Nobody wants to do anything remotely academic--especially me! But I have to pretend it's business as usual in my classroom so that the kids don't get all wound up and too excited to do anything ;).

I'm looking forward to tomorrow as our program supervisor has offered each of us DHH teachers one afternoon off on her watch--meaning that she would sub for each of us on the afternoon of our choice. She's so generous!! I chose tomorrow afternoon, but I still haven't decided what I will do with my free time. Part of me is reminding me to be responsible and stay at school to catch up on paperwork. The other part (and Max, and my aide) are encouraging me to do whatever and make it a true afternoon "off". I have a feeling the latter option will win out in the end :)


2 bees said...

Hey...dhh, you guys are duhhhhh, haaaaaaah, that is funny. See you this summer, I have one more class to go and then Arubaaaaaaa...

Hannah said...

12 more days. That's not bad!!

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