One More Day!!!!!!!!

Well, this long dreaded day is finally over! Today was the last full day of the year as tomorrow we only go until 12:15. We did our movies, pizza, and board games. Our "board games" turned out to be 90 minutes of BINGO. This turned out to be a brilliant idea as the kids ran the whole show. One student called out the numbers while everyone else played.... and while my aide and I worked on getting the classroom ready for the summer. Somehow, even though we pretty much worked all day on the room, I ended up staying at school till 5:30.
I learned something today. Never, EVER, put sticker name tags on wooden desks. They don't come off easily. I scrubbed and scratched with my "goo-gone" for forty five minutes and only ended up cleaning off four out of my ten desks. My hands and thumbs are raw and red. Fortunately, our janitor took pity on me and offered to do the rest with some better solution/scraper. Thank goodness!! Then all I had to do was to box up my books, store my two butterfly chairs and bean bag in the car, cover all bookshelves with butcher paper, file away all remaining loose papers, and have one last meeting, then I was gone! Just writing about it makes me tired ... and bored. Tomorrow will be much more interesting as it'll be four hours of "field day" ;).


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Max said...

Bet you're glad you don't have any earthquake days to make up...

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