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"We will have fun alot!"

This is what one of my fourth graders told me on our "walking field trip" to the grocery store today. We had decided to go on a picnic. My aide and I took the kids on a fifteen minute walk to Stater Bros, and we bought hot dogs, buns, chips, watermelon, mini-pumpkin pies, and juice. The kids were so excited about it--I was actually a little surprised. We laid out a huge spread under the tree on the field next to the school and the kids had a ball eating themselves sick, lounging around on blankets, and laughing at inside jokes. The sun was shining, and the smell of freedom was in the air...

In other news, the caterpillar eggs that one of my students adopted back in April have become full-grown adults. Let me recap: first there were hundreds of microscopic eggs. Then, 42 ugly caterpillars ate a lot of leaves (see picture). Next, we had thirty-something chrysalides. It was at this point that I started seriously doubting whether or not these were going to be butterflies (they weren't fragile, and they weren't "hanging" chrysalides). I also noticed that the chrysalides seemed soft, and they squirmed and writhed a lot. It was also around this time that I started having horrible nightmares about what they would become and whether they would chew their way through the butterfly house and hide all over my classroom while procreating during the summer. I decided to send the chrysalides home with the lucky student (ah, what peace of mind!). Well, today this student informed me that he had.... moths!! He seemed happy and dejected at the same time. He told me on the way to recess: "I wanted them to be butterflies..." Ah well. It could have been worse.


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Two more days! Two more days! Two more days!

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