:) Two More Days :(

With two days left to the school year, I have become no more than a glorified babysitter. All pretense of academics has been abandoned! It's a good thing we have fun things planned this week. Tomorrow is officially "pizza party/movie/board games day", and Friday morning is our DHH field day.
Today was the annual "staff vs 6th graders" softball game. It's tradition for the teachers to cream the students, but this year they apparently put up a good fight, and ended up only losing 21 to 6. And guess what? I actually played! And not only did I play, I actually hit the ball with the bat every time it was pitched to me! I wasn't planning on batting, but I was standing with the other teachers and our principal pointed right at me and said "you're up to bat!" and I was more scared of contradicting him than I was afraid to strike out. So.... I ended up hitting a foul ball my first try, a decent hit towards center field my second try (though it didn't quite make it to the outfield), and a pop-up my third try. I was so thrilled to have hit the ball, it didn't really matter that I never got on base! ;)
In other news, it turns out that the end of the school year isn't all joy, anticipation, and fun and games. I had a good cry on the couch this afternoon as I contemplated giving all my kids away to the next teacher. It's not just that I'll miss my kids, it's also that I question the teaching methods of the teacher they're going to in the Fall. But I suppose worrying and being sad won't help matters. I'll have to make the most of the last two days I have with my babies....


Max said...

One more day! One more day! One more day!

Hannah said...

Congratulations on completing your first year!! You now only have one more day. Congrats you can take care of me in 5 days if you miss having kids that much haha

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