Working and Slacking

I had a moment of panic today as I looked at the next/last two weeks in my "teacher planner" book. There was so much white space, it was almost blinding my eyes! I can justify my lack of planning, I really can. See, the kids are too hyped up to follow the usual routine. I can't start teaching them anything new because of attention problems, and time would crawl if I gave them review worksheets all day. So what am I to do? I checked with the master calendar, and it helped greatly to fill in a few field trips, a class party, a movie party, a field day, and some assemblies. Now all I have to do is throw in some arts and crafts and I may just be able to avoid doing anything academic for the rest of the year!
Don't think I'm not doing anything, though, the "check-off list" that the office gave us to have our rooms ready for summer is a four page document. Oh, and I've been keeping busy with report cards, progress reports, taking down room decorations, and organizing my student's files so that they're ready for the next teacher.
But there's a light at the end of the road: NINE MORE DAYS!!


Hannah said...

You'll be out of school before you know it! And besides the last couple of weeks sounds like they might be fun! At least for the kids...

Max said...

(With crescendo) Party. Party. Party. Party! Party!! Party!!!

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