Scenes from firstgradeland

Going from teaching fifth to teaching first is quite a jump, as it turns out. This week I've been helping out with the "general ed" first grade. So far, we've gone over rules and procedures, and I've been doing some one-on-one reading tests.

Here are some scenes from the past few days:

Student: "I have a grown-up girlfriend, you know."
Me: "Oh, you do? What's her name?"
Student: [very matter-of-fact] "I forget."

Student [noticing my three napkins at lunch]: "You gotta lotta napkins, right? You're messy, right?"

Me: [as part of a reading test] "Do you like to listen to someone reading to you, or would you rather read to someone else?"
Student: "I read all by myself because my mom does a lot of stuff and she doesn't have to do any more stuff for me 'cuz I'm in first grade now."


Shell said...

Oh, I just love the stuff kids come up with. I really wish I'd written more of it down when I taught.

The year that I went from teaching 8th grade to teaching 3rd was like a culture shock.

Hope you are having a great year!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I live in fear of what my kids will tell their teachers at church.

School was bad, too. My son told his second grade teacher some awful things, and Yey!, she's our neighbor.

Abbie said...

Oh man, I miss 1st grade! I loved teaching it!

Maranda said...

Awwww! Too cute!!!

Bossy Betty said...

I'll bet they keep you on your toes!

Elissa said...

Oh yeah, Monster got sent home today and told me the sub had a big head and a little neck. I also got to meet the new principle for the first time on that happy note. Turns out I know him from High School. It was an embarrassing day.

Busy Working Mama said...

I love the things kids say! I usually grab like 5 napkins so I must be way messier than you :)

malia said...

those are hilarious!

Literacy Teacher said...

These are hilarious! I taught 4th and 5th grade for six years and this year I will beteaching reading to first graders, so I can relate!
Thank goodness the two teachers I am working with will have been teaching 1st grade for over 10 years!

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