This is the extent of my patriotism

I've got McDonald's on the brain. I think it's probably because I'm sitting in one, mooching off their free Wi-Fi and sipping an iced coffee.

When I was growing up in France, (oh hey, if you're new here: I lived in France from age seven to about high school. Good, now you're all caught up.) the only fast food available was McDonalds. Well, okay, there was this other establishment called Quik Burger but somehow it just wasn't American enough for us. So by default, whenever our family decided to go out for fast food, we would inevitably end up at  McDonalds.

When I moved to Michigan for college, I avoided McDonalds like the plague. Why go there when there were so many other tantalizing options? Now I had a choice between places like Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy's, Subway, Arby's.... All that yummy food and so CHEAP! I was giddy with the possibilities.

At the time, Max tried to get me to accept McDonalds into my repertoire of fast food options. It was a slow, uphill battle, and when we married he sounded even more convincing as my husband: I eventually relented and learned to love the place again.

A few weeks ago, I was at my local McDonalds all by myself. I was all alone because Max had taken the good car (the one with air conditioning and an automatic transmission) all the way to Oregon for some kind of "conference". So I was left with the other car, trapped inside the house for more than a week unless I could brave the stick shift around town. So every day, I would plan an Outing. It had to be in the morning (because of the AC situation) and it had to be within a two mile radius away from any hills (I was still shaky about the manual transmission thing).

So I landed at McDonalds for an early lunch. I ordered a hamburger and fries during a really busy lunch hour for them. So busy, in fact, that when the credit card swipey thing didn't work, they lady just told me to go sit down and enjoy my free lunch.

Wow! Food tastes so much better when it's free!

When the line had died down, I decided to treat myself to a McFlurry for dessert since I hadn't spent anything on lunch.

I ordered an Oreo McFlurry. The young white guy behind the counter punched some buttons, then asked if I wanted Ranch or Italian with that. "What, now?? No, I said I'd like an Oreo McFlurry!" So he got a cup and started filling it with.... M&Ms.

"NOOOOOOOO!" I practically shouted to him as he proceeded to mix the vanilla ice cream with it. M&M's are not at all my thing (it's a long story that involves vomit).

So he makes me an Oreo McFlurry and gives me BOTH McFlurrys since he doesn't know what to do with the other one. And that's how I got eight dollars worth of food for a little over two bucks.

Gotta love America!


Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

See, cool stuff like that never happens to me. I guess I should go to McDonald's more often where shotty service equals free food.

You have made me jealous.

Shell said...

That's a great deal, even if there was some aggravation involved!

Miel Abeille said...

Lucky Duck!

Free food always does taste better!

Now, I'm craving a McFlurry & its lunch time.

Who's taking bets on what my lunch will be? hehehe

Elissa said...

Ice Cream and French Fries are the only things I can eat from McDonalds' (another story that also includes vomit). When I was carrying my daughter they had banana nerd McFlurries. MMMMMM I once made my Hubs stop three times in one day to get me the yummy goodness.

Grandmother Crone said...

Seems like you got a pay-back for good works somewhere along the line and the Universe smiled on you that day. A big chunk of gratitude.
I envy that you can eat McDonald type food. I didn't know they have free wi-fi, that's a big incentive!

Sherri said...

Free food DOES taste better! But here's where the quandry would be for me....if I had a past issue with M&Ms that involved vomit BUT the McFlurry was FREE, could I get past that and eat it???

Did you??

Sharlene T. said...

If the WiFi works, anything becomes edible... said from just returning from a long trip and desperate for free WiFi to catch my emails etc.... Great day for you, hope you had the tummy room to enjoy them all... when you get a break, come visit

Twitter: SolarChief

Anonymous said...

You're unbelievable! And that would NEVER happen here! Waiting in line forever is just part of the fast food concept!! Yes, even if you have to run out of gas in the Mc Drive!! Lucky duck!! Love you, Mom

malia said...

what? france? you are a woman of many mysteries

unicyclerose said...

You don't like M&Ms? I want to hear that story!

Mrs. Fine said...

I hadn't been in McDonald's for 9 years (weirdly yes, I know the exact meal I last had there and when)until this past week when we ventured in to mooch off their wifi...I got a chocolate McFlurry as my "ok fine I'll buy something b/c you're giving me something for free" food. Yum.

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