Kitchen remodel

When we first moved into this house two years ago, we were totally in love with everything... except for the kitchen. While it had brand new appliances, the wallpaper was very, um, vintage (and not in the cool way). We hated the border, and half of the cabinets had knobs missing.

We talked about remodeling it someday, but I always thought it was just one of those things we were going to talk about but never do.

Then one day in May (during my husband's one week break between classes) I came home to find that Max has taken off all of the kitchen cabinets. SURPRISE! We're redecorating.

What started off as a one week project turned into about three weeks. Max didn't realize that it would take two 12-hour days just to peel off the 45 year old wall paper. Since we were repainting the cabinets, there was a lot of sanding to be done. In fact, there were lots and LOTS of tedious steps. Here's just a snippet:

And (because I know my parents are wondering), our three cats and our dog did just fine during the remodel. Occasionally, Mrs. Huffepuff even tried to help:

The final touches were just finished up this morning (it took me the longest time to get the right curtains - thanks IKEA!). So I'd like to give you the grand tour of our new and improved kitchen:

The view coming into the kitchen through the hallway (teapot print from Laura Amiss)

Light blue and white

Our trusty deep freezer

Original watercolors from Blue Egg Watercolors.

IKEA curtains

Rug and dishtowels from Target

My trusty recipe box. I should really cook more...

Every time I walk into my "new" kitchen, it makes me smile. Especially with the new curtains!

(P.S The winner of the "Awakened" giveaway is Sharlene!)


Rachel said...

Night and day! It would make me smile each time I walked in too!

Pam said...

Oh my gosh! I just laughed as I read this- we're doing the same thing right now. I can totally feel your pain with the wallpaper- ours looked about the same as yours...and took much longer to remove than we thought! (I actually just wrote a blog post about how teaching preschool has prepared me for "spackling" :) here's the link if you want to read it
I can't wait until we get to the point you are at! (by the way, your kitchen looks great!)

Randy et Jan said...

Very impressive and cheery. Bravo, Max! Your patience paid off. You never cease to amaze us. Now have fun enjoying it until we see you next, maybe at Thanksgiving?

Have fun too with Matthew and Rebekah. Wish we could be there with you all!

Love & prayers, dad ~ for us both (while mom is in Normandy for the next week)

Anonymous said...

IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't believe the difference it made to remove wallpaper and paint it instead. Wow. It looks so clean and new! I love the curtains too. I think they are very popular--you're the third person I know who has bought them. :) I think the white was a perfect color because now your kitchen looks bigger. The blue is very nice too, very calming and fresh! Nice job both of you!!

Bethany said...

So much brighter. Love it!

Literacy Teacher said...

I love your kitchen! It looks beautiful!! I did something similar the first year I was married, I also painted the cabinets white but with with a blue trim. I just love the size and set up of your kitchen!

Sparkling said...

Can't really tell what color the walls are- blue? Green? Anything has to be better than wallpaper you hate, right???? No task every takes just one week. NE.VER.

Shell said...

It looks fabulous!!!

malia said...

SO pretty! Love the watercolors and your recipe box... wow I am so impressed with your DIY skills... amazing!!!

Randy et Jan said...

AMAZING difference!! Really love your style, kiddo! Love you, Mom

Maranda said...

How awesome! It's like a completely different room! The white paint really woke up the room. Great job!

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