Swimsuit score

We're taking a trip to New Jersey later this week to visit my sister and brother-in-law. On the phone, she told me to make sure I packed my swimsuit.

Unfortunately, the only swimsuit I have is from 2005. It's a bit outdated. All summer I've been on the lookout for cute swimsuits. It kind of made me sick to my stomach that the cheapest one I could find was $36. Dropping that kind of cash on something I won't wear that often is out of the question!

So I waited.

Every once in a while, I would pop into a store only to get discouraged by styles, price tags, or both.

UNTIL! Until today I went to Old Navy on a whim (it was right next to Joann Fabrics, my original destination). We leave on Friday, so today was going to be my last ditch attempt.

And I scored big time! They were having an end-of-season swimsuit clearance - all swimsuits just SIX DOLLARS!! I found this super cute one similar to this (the picture is from a seller on ebay since I couldn't find it at Old Navy online):

It looks way better on me than on the mannequin if I don't say so myself... Can't wait to wear it with my sister at the beach!


Classically Fabulous said...

Cute! I have something very similar from Old Navy, except mine has some gold accents :)

Yay NJ! I grew up in Cape May :)

Randy et Jan said...

Hopefully you have a better tan than what we're seeing in the photo! Good job on the shopping. You're a true "Kent!" dad ~ since mom is in Normandy without internet!

Anonymous said...

WOW! What a deal! Can't wait to go to the beach with you. My suit is, unfortunately, still from college. Haven't found a good enough deal yet for a one-piece. See you soon!

Miss Teacher said...

Cute!! I have a similar suit--love that it covers me up and I can swim laps in the pool in it, but that it's still cute and flattering!!

Love a good bargain!

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