is it ever really over?

You may remember from a few posts ago that I've already started setting up my classroom for the new year (teachers report 8/15). As sad as this makes me, I know I'll be glad when I'm not worrying about school during our three week vacation in late July/early August.

As you may expect, NO ONE is at school yet, besides the janitorial staff.

The other day, our custodian walked by my classroom and looked at me in surprise. "Back already?" he said, "What is there for you to do here?!"

[Insert crazy maniacal laughing here!]

Here was my list:

Four and a half hours later, here was my list.... all but one checked off. Not bad, huh?

Then I hit Target and scored some major loot for my classroom in the dollar bin section. I also bought a rug for my calendar area (this was not in the dollar section by the way, but not bad at $30!)

When everything is exactly to my liking, I'll give you the grand tour - it's froggy themed this year!!

PS: Have you entered my giveaway yet?


Tara said...

Love that you can get in your classroom. It feels so good to have stuff done early instead of rushing while there a million other things to do...our custodians don't like us coming back either...I'm usually one of the first trying to get in and that doesn't make me too popular with them:/

4th Grade Frolics

malia said...

That's really cute Sarah! I bet you are an amazing teacher.

Sanity and Sweet Tea said...

really wish we could get in my school this early. We are not "allowed" in until the first of August. The custodial staff is still cleaning/waxing the floors. August 1st comes and I am in crazy lady mode. At least I can start shopping for stuff at Target!!

SharleneT said...

Great that you've gotten a head start; especially, as you'll be gone just before start-up. My sister can't get into her classroom, either, so she's actually started a hopper full of items she'll be using for this year's theme. And, of course, the accompanying instruction sheets so she won't forget WHY she bought such-and-such! I, in the meantime, will enjoy my coffee and porch, suffering as I am in retirement and second childhood... have a great day... and come visit when you can.

Randy et Jan said...

Dollar bin?? I love America!!!

Classically Fabulous said...

I love the rug! That would be beautiful in my classroom library :)

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