Road trip coping mechanism

Today is the second day of our long trek from Texas to New Jersey. Twenty-five hours in the car! Normally we try to get it all over with in one miserable day (like the 20 hours from here to Michigan). But this time, we stopped midway.

Why are taking this trip? To see my sister and brother-in-law (who we haven't seen since Christmas) and to see my brother (who we haven't seen in TWO YEARS!!!). We'll be gone for few weeks so posting will be light. I am SO EXCITED for all the fun we'll have!

Any end-of-the-summer plans for you?


Bethany said...

Curse you for even uttering the phrase "end of summer". We're still waiting for decent weather here!! ;)

SharleneT said...

Just living through this heat and trying to not melt... Will probably start working on my Christmas gift list and maybe that will cool me off... Have fun and drive carefully.

Randy et Jan said...

Have a great time together! SO wish I could be there with all of you!! Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Dreaming of home made ice cream no doubt! Love! Brenda

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