Mooooooo for free food

Last Friday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A. For those of you who don't have a Chick-Fil-A in your state, you have my condolences. It's the best fast food ever.

Anyways, if you dressed up like a cow, you could get a free MEAL (yes, with delicious waffle fries and pop to boot!). So guess who went out for a free lunch?

The expression on Max's face just about sums up how he felt about the whole ordeal. Mixed feelings.

We pulled up to our local restaurant and saw that it was packed -- and besides the employees, we were the only ones dressed up!!

But then we got thirteen dollars worth of food - for FREE.

I said to Max: "Look at all this food we got for FREE!"

He said: "Well minus the social cost...." (as he looked nervously around the restaurant.)

Me: "Honey, all these people could have gotten a free meal. Guess who's the idiot, now?"

Him: "I know exactly who the idiot is."

Near the end of our meal, a gaggle of giggling girls walked in. They were the only other ones dressed up like cows. As we walked by them on our way out the door, one of them said: "See we're not the only ones who did it!"

And to make Max feel even better, on the way out to our car, a guy standing in the parking lot with a group of friends hollered: "Hey, man, so did it work?"

YES! Yes we got our free food. And by the end of it, even my husband was feeling good about it.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to score free food?


Randy et Jan said...

Way too funny! dad

Sparkling said...

only a teacher would remember to cut out cow spots and pin them on her clothes!! nice going!

SharleneT said...

I got into an ice-cream tasting contest with seven other people. We were blindfolded given high-end ice creams to compare with Sealtest. Sealtest won out, each and every time, for texture and flavor. Interesting; no?

Anonymous said...

We'll give you $13 if you come dressed like that here.
-Reb + Matt

Randy et Jan said...

What's "pop?"

Anonymous said...

Oh my word! We have Chick Fil A here, but not that particular promotion. I would have totally been game. Dag, that would be a great class field trip for my science classes.

Glad you did it and love you more for doing it and being confident about it. You rock! More people should be like you. If I lived there, I would totally join your fan club.

As for scoring food, half of my family is Jewish. We don't go anywhere unless there is food involved. :)

Maranda said...

I was wondering about all the people dressed as cows at chick fil a the other day. I didn't even know about it. Too cute! We had a bunch of people at ours. :-)

malia said...

you are too cute!

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