$213 worth of fun!

Is there any other occupation in the world that requires you to spend your own money on being better at your job? I've heard of many new [elementary] teachers that spend literally thousands in their first year to get their classroom ready and to gather resource materials. I know of many veteran teachers that still spend hundreds every year in resource materials (especially ones who've recently switched grade levels). And these aren't frivolous buys...they are mostly materials that are needed to do the job.
Fortunately for me, Max was there to keep my spending in check :). I bought the bare minimum last summer. This week, however, I found out that my school had allocated a budget for me and I needed to spend that money (a whole 213 dollars!) by the time April rolls around. So I went on a shopping spree... WOO HOO!! I couldn't believe how much money I spent in an hour. I got so much stuff that I desperately needed, plus a few fun learning games that will get my kids more motivated to learn their time tables ;). I can't wait to go on a shopping spree again next year...


Max said...

Top ten professions (other than teacher) where people spend their own money to be better

1. Small business owner
2. Farmer
3. Musician
4. Photographer
5. Artist
6. Chef
7. Professional sports team owner
8. Magician
9. Street performer
10. Writer (pencils)

You did ask if I knew of any...

Anonymous said...

You are a genius.

Anonymous said...

Big time.

Anonymous said...

I love your titles before the commentary. You make me remember why I love meetings, er, teaching.

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