Sarah, the leprechaun

It's funny how even on the weekend, my mind is still at school. The students and I had a rather exciting week. On Tuesday, we created leprechaun traps for St. Patrick's Day. The kids were besides themselves with excitement at the thought of catching a real live leprechaun. We used shoeboxes, tissue paper, and shamrocks to decorate the outside of the traps, and Lucky Charms cereal and fake gold coins to lure him inside the trap. Imagine their surprise on Friday morning, when all the traps were down, all the Lucky Charms eaten, and all the gold coins gone! In addition, it seems that our leprechaun escaped from all the traps by biting a hole through the top of the box. The kids were amazed! They were also scratching their heads over the tiny note he left on the board, and the green footprints he left behind on their desks. But the best part was when they discovered the pot of chocolate gold hidden at the end of the rainbow!
I had about half of my students totally convinced a leprechaun had been there. The others were quite skeptic. One precious student wanted very badly to believe in the leprechaun, but he could too easily explain away all of the "mysteries". His struggle was written all over his face :).
Isn't St. Patrick's Day fun?


Max said...

You smell like a leprechaun.

Anonymous said...

I very much loved the leprechaun trap. I am still smiling. I love you AS WELL.

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