Do you see what I see?

I don't consider myself a messy person necessarily, but when it comes to my desk at school, it's a different story. For a long time this year, I was ashamed of it. And then I realized that I would be a bad teacher if I spent my time cleaning my desk rather than planning, teaching, and creating materials. So now I work really hard to not be embarrassed about it. The hardest part is when I have a sub coming in (like I do for this Monday and Tuesday so I can spend time with my sister) because they have to sit there. Oh well. They pay me to teach, not to clean, right?
Let me point out a few things on my desk:
  1. the all-important coffee cup
  2. copy of the state standards (just for show...)
  3. a Valentine's day balloon a student gave to me
  4. overflowing files
  5. loose papers that should be filed
  6. a half-inflated math quiz cube/ball
  7. a calendar from a dear friend (it's next to the computer)
  8. and if you look closely, you can see my lesson plan book under all that junk

Let no man or woman be quick to judge; I'm sure I'd find a mess if I came over to your place too... :)


Anonymous said...

Did that say over-flowing flies?

Anonymous said...

You should write a column for NEA Today. The photos are a real bonus! Diary of a "almost" Mad not to kill those you love.

Anonymous said...

Just think, if you had gone into the business world you would have been stressed out about how to spend all the money you make doing half as much work that is half as important to society!

Max said...

Are you suggesting that our house is dirty?

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