Rain Pain

Rain, rain, go away,
Never come back again.
The kids are wild
("Don't do that, child!")
And patience is wearing thin.

The more they scream,
The more I dream
Of being in faraway places...
A moor, a shore, or just a trap door;
I can't stand the sight of their faces.

The weather's grim,
I have a whim
To run away and hide.
But would it be prudent
To leave my students
While I sat outside and cried?

The more I think
The more I feel
That this is not the way.
Please help me, Lord,
(My faith restored)
To get me through my day!


Max said...

It's not raining today.
You should go out and play.
Dump your kids with a sub.
Or just leave.

Anonymous said...

Did you write that poem or was it "borrowed" from another source? The reason I asked is because it was wonderfully creative.

Sarah said...

Yep! I wrote that one!

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