Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Max's birthday. That's him, pretending to pick his nose...

Anyway, I took the afternoon off and we went to see Iron Man 2. Then we came home, had pizza, and ate Phish Food, which is Max's new favorite Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor.

It was so fun, gallivanting around town yesterday afternoon, it really made me long for summer!!
Are we there yet?


Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had a great day...are you sure Max is PRETENDING to pick his nose?? his mother

Rebekah said...

Max, did Sarah share the Phish Food FAIRLY? She needs to understand that she only gets one birthday per year.

A 2 Z said...

Hi Sarah,

I was just reading your previous post. It sounds like its not only the students that are "deaf". There is nothing more infuriating when a principal disagrees with you in front of the parents. That's another principal without "class". Excuse the pun. I think you needed to get out and vent. I too have had my little tantrums. We are always between a rock and a hard place as a teacher. Have a nice weekend Sarah! Forget about work and go crazy....:)

Melissa said...

Phish Food!!! Just about the best warm weather treat! I've been all a flutter with ben and jerry's recently and ever store around me circulating sales on them isn't helping!

That story ended much differently as I predicted. I was expecting some kind of excrement joke. Did the kids laugh?

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