Let's just pretend these calories don't count

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!! I love that it falls right after my birthday.

I've taught at three schools in three states, and a common theme for this special week is Food in the Lounge. Nothing makes teachers happier (well, except summer break!). Do you have leftover junk food that you need to get rid of? Drop it off at your nearest elementary school. We will swarm your goodies like vultures until every last crumb is gone.

Another special treat given to us by the administration is permission to wear jeans. I get to wear jeans to work every single day this week (for free) and it is AWESOME. Having a job where you have to dress professionally makes you wish you could just be comfortable.

Now. Between the massive ice cream binges I indulged in over the weekend, and the goodies in the lounge, I'm hoping I don't gain ten pounds for my ten year high school reunion this summer!


John Deere Mom said...

Goodies all week in our lounge too! But no jeans. Hmpf. :)

Sarah Garb said...

So many cookies and brownies! Delicious, but dangerous.

Shell said...

Enjoy your week!

One year, we had state testing during this week and our principal announced that we would celebrate the following week instead...and then did NOTHING for it. It was AWFUL!

I actually dressed rather casually to teach when I taught in NC. Had to be more formal in PA and NY. Teacher should get to dress comfy all the time! Especially elementary teachers.

Ginny Marie said...

The schools that I taught in were casual, too, but I usually only wore jeans on Friday. Skirts were definitely difficult when I was sitting on the floor with the kids!

Sneaker Teacher said...

In OR we had an entire week of good food in the teachers' lounge too! Breakfast one day, lunch another day...and lots of desserts. Always a doosie of a week for the diet!

Kenzie said...

This is the most entertaining thing I have found to read in a long time! Love it!! Thanks for entering the giveaway and I look forward to reading all of your adventures!

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