Shiny new toy

I was very excited to have won the Mini-Mountain from Zillio Games recently! It came in the mail a few days ago, and when I saw it in person and read through the gazillion math games you can play on it (from basic counting and sequencing to complicated multiplication and division), well... Max can probably tell you that I was jumping up and down.

I brought it to school immediately and set to playing it right away with my two fourth graders. (Because, let's be honest, it's not like I actually had anything else planned for them!). I don't know who was more excited about our new game: me or the kiddos. Here are a few pictures of us playing three different games with it:

The games are simple, but it can be difficult to explain game rules to students with language impairments!

The foam numbers go up the steps by multiples of 1 through 12

I couldn't keep his hands off the mountain -- he LOVED playing with it!

In my five years of teaching, I've never come across such a versatile game. This is perfect for any resource room teacher out there who works with multiple grade levels or general educators who have the opportunity to work with small groups of children. It's also perfect for homeschooling parents as the games you play on it can grow with your child's skill!!

(And if you're wondering, I was NOT paid to write this post! I'm just totally in love with my new toy! Thanks, Zillio!!!)

I LOVE it when education can be fun!


Sarah Garb said...

This looks like a great multiplication game--and that's not even its best feature. I just love all things rainbow and this, my friend, is one amazing rainbow! So cool!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I have a couple of students who could DEFINITELY benefit from this toy. Thanks for letting me know about it!

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Sharlene T. said...

Why couldn't I have a toy when I was growing up and learning by betimes and gozintos? 8-(

A 2 Z said...

Sometimes at the Teacher Fairs I get new games and while I'm driving to school I'm already planning how I will introduce the new game/toy to the class. Remember that my kids are English and everything I say is in French. Its always a challenge to be understood. But, so many times I think its going to be difficult and before I'm finished presenting the said game the kids are always much brighter than I expect and have figured out by themselves how to play it. I find teaching is a humbling profession. Teachers are always learning alongside the students. BTW I voted for you. Have a great weekend.


alicia said...

Sounds like something that might be good for my pokey. But wherever would I store something like this??

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Hi Sarah, I'm stopping by from SITS. I used to teach Kindergarten and even though I didn't need to teach that high a level of math, it does look like an interesting game. I think that sometimes people who develop or adopt a curriculum forget that children above 3rd grade still like to do hands on activities and just expect them to sit and get all the information. Thanks for sharing about your new toy!


Anonymous said...

Wow. That looks like so much fun and like a great game as well. I'm studying to become a teacher and I will definitely have to check this game out. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :]

Emily said...

Wow! What a fantastic teaching tool! I might have to get this to play with, with my daughters. Thanks!

Abbie said...

I want one! That looks awesome!

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