In honor of my first day back

Today is my first day back to school for my seventh year as a teacher. (I have a week of professional development meetings before the kids arrive.) Although I like my job and am happy with my career choice, I just have to say.... NOT working is always more fun than working!

I very much enjoyed my summer (how is it over already? I blinked and then it was gone!), but I couldn't resist creating this graph to represent how my summer seems to go. I pretty much stole the idea from something my husband said!

A Teacher's Summer

Whaddaya think? Is this you? Or are you better about living in the moment?


Sparkling said...

Someone told me it's like the weekend. June is Friday, you just get a little time for fun. July is Saturday, all the time in the world. August is Sunday, work is looming over your head and you'd like to just have a snow day.

Chance said...

My own personal Venn diagram of the summer would have a much bigger middle area. I just live in the summer. I'm with you, though, that while I LOVE my job, I do prefer doing nothing at all.

Miss Teacher said...

hahaha looove this :)

Sherri said...

Oh, you're already back....I don't start until three weeks after the students, so I am still free and clear!

Best of luck with your new role, too! Yes, I am reading your posts backwards.

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