New (school) year resolutions

I don't know about you, but I'm not one for setting New Year's Resolution goals come December 31st. Never have been!


At the start of every SCHOOL year? I definitely set resolutions and goals for myself. So in honor of the first official day of school today, here are a few that I'm working on:

* Sending home a weekly newsletter. I especially feel this is important for my kindergarteners. I plan on using the free (and super cute) newsletter templates from The Mailbox. To access them for yourself, sign up for their "my mailbox" program for free!

* Writer's workshop. I hate teaching writing - I'm too easily overwhelmed by it. I'm hoping that organized mini-lessons and conferencing one-on-one will make it easier to handle!

* Daily 5 and CAFE. (This is a reading program structure.) I've done Daily 5 for the past two years and now it's time to add the CAFE component. Lucky me there are so many resources online to help me get good at it!

* Social- emotional vocabulary. This year we have a 15 minute window scheduled in for morning meeting. This will be a great opportunity for language learning for my students with hearing loss!

What about you? Any goals this year?


Cortney said...

My resolutions are structure, structure, and structure. Oh, and follow through. I feel like I had really good intentions last year, but slowly lost the structure that I had wanted because I failed to follow through with my staff. I have a really good bunch of aids assigned to me this year so I'm excited... nervous, but excited.

Sparkling said...

LAst year, I started sending a weekly update by email and it was the biggest DUH WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS EARLIER???? Parents were happy to know what went on and what would happen the upcoming week. It's a problem when you don't have a parent's email address,a nd I debated printing and mailing to those who don't, but it would have been way too expensive. And middle school students wouldn't bring home a paper for a parent, if their lives depended on it! I think you will see how great it is soooooo quickly!

jfb57 said...

Might be able to help you with the writing. I've been running a very successful weekly challenge called 100 Word Challenge for children under 16. You can see the sort of thing it is here

Children love it. I'll be starting again when we go back here in the UK so could add you to the list. I'd love you to join in!

malia said...

Oh man I never thought of back-to-school resolutions. BUT leaving myself and the kids some extra time in the morning would be a good one!

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