School is the new "s" word

I'm trying VERY hard to live in denial that this upcoming week is my last week of summer vacation. (I am unashamedly greedy about my time off!)

We've been having a fabulous time with my sister and her husband in New Jersey. They complain it's hot here, but it's a full 20 degrees cooler than what we left behind in Texas! I have lots and lots of pictures to share as soon as I get them off my camera... So for now, words will have to do:

We've been...

eating out
playing pool
going to the beach (yay Jersey shores!)
cooking fantastic meals
crafting the day away
visiting with old high school friends passing through town
walking around New York City
eating homemade ice cream

And tomorrow the four of us will drive up to Maine to visit my younger brother. I haven't seen him in TWO YEARS!!! So I'm excited. It will also be my first time tent camping. (Wish me luck!)

Hope you're all enjoying what's left of your summer!!


Alysia Battista said...

Woohoo for New Jersey!
Miss B, Busy Bee

Randy et Jan said...

I like my apron too. I had to....I'm your Mother!!! love you!

jfb57 said...

What an exciting time you're having. Have a wonderful stay with your brother. As for the aprons - well it is a learning curve after all!

SharleneT said...

Enjoy the moment! My sister's doing her own countdown, too... and, hee hee hee, I'm staying home and reading "Awakened"! Yes, I received the book and it's wonderful. Thank you, so much. And, I'll be passing it on to my sis, too. She took a quick glance and I could see 'covet' all over her face. Thank you.

Maranda said...

It's sounds like you have had an awesome summer! It goes by far too quickly doesn't it???

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