lots of fun between 33 hours of driving

For the past three weeks, we've been visiting family in New Jersey and Maine. Yes, we drove from Texas. Yes, we are insane! I took 406 pictures and wanted to share just a few with you here:

 Chocolate covered bacon - YUM

 A Princeton campus tour

 At Otto's Pizza - it was amazing!

 Ice cream in downtown Portland, ME

Hot dogs around the campfire with my brother and sister 

 Mom and Dad: we took this picture especially for you. Doesn't this bring back memories? 
Only this time we're not fighting back there!!

The whole gang

School starts tomorrow. I'm so glad I have such fun memories to look back on!!


Randy et Jan said...

Chocolate covered bacon??? Not so sure about that. Ice cream....yes! Great pics! Talk to you soon. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

You are #1 for eating the chocolate bacon! God bless you for starting school tomorrow. I have two weeks of freedom left...

Ellen Marie "Mama" Pike said...

Hi Sarah,
I took a long break from blogging due to some family circumstances.
I look forward to keeping up with your ineresting tales of being a teacher again.

Sounds like you had a great trip. How was the chocolate covered bacon?

Maranda said...

Awww! That looks like a great time!

Sunny said...

Looks like a fun way to end vacation :)

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