The jumble in my brain

Week One with the kiddos and here's what I think so far:

*My five kindergartners are so adorable. I literally could take them home with me!

*Grade Level Chair, member of the RTI team (which meets often), and Sunshine committee chair.... um, hopefully this isn't too much on my plate!

*Getting back into the school routine isn't easy. Going from 0 responsibilities to LOTS of them throws me for a loop!

*My teacher desk is already a war zone. Never mind all of my good intentions of keeping it clean...

*The bus situation has been handled and everyone is at school!

*Forget 40 minutes.... I need about 3 hours of planning to cross off my daily to-do list!

*I'm tired. Yesterday I almost used my foundation as deodorant!

*It's going to be a super busy year (what with teaching out of the kindergarten AND the first grade Language Arts curriculum), but... a GOOD one!


Anonymous said...

Well you might have been stinky from all the stress but at least your arm pits would have been pretty! Love ya Sarah! Brenda

Randy et Jan said...

Super busy but hopefully super satisfying too!! Love you, Mom

Sparkling said...

yeah, for me, those first days are so hot, it wouldn't matter if i used deodorant, foundation, spray cheese, i'd still be hot, wet and smelly. and i am not looking forward to that 3pm drain that happens every day for me in september. i usually have it under control by october, but not before i think i am a dead woman walking.

Ellen Marie "Mama" Pike said...

Wishing you a restful weekend. My sister, who is a fifth grade teacher, says one of her biggest challenges is "always being on". With being in charge of a classroom she barely has time to use the bathroom and even that has to be arranged! I did a post on Back To School Stress which is about an article that discusses the stress some children feel about returning to school. I also posted some photos of my children when they started kindergarten back in the eighties! Time flies and good teachers are remembered and appreciated.

Rachel said...

That bus station thing had me worried!

And sorry... I originally typed "bust station" and now I have completely derailed myself because I can't stop giggling.


Shell said...

Sounds like a good start! Even if you will be needing lots of rest!

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