what to say for back-to-school, a list of do's and don'ts

If there's a teacher in your life who's going back to school very soon, here's a little list of things to say, and things better left unsaid.

Things to say:

1. It'll be okay.
2. You'll be fine once you get in your routine.
3. The kids will be so happy to see you!
4. Are you having fun going back-to-school shopping?
5. It's so great that you got all that time to rest and recuperate!
6. I hope you have a great year and a great class!
7. Wow, where did the summer go?
8. It'll be okay.

Things NOT to say:

1. Welcome back to the real world of work.
2. It's about time you got off the couch!
3. So... you'll start actually earning that paycheck now?
4. It's about time!
5. Don't be such a baby.
6. Aren't you soooooo excited to go back to school?
7. My kids have been wild! I can't wait to send them back to school!
8. Only 180 more school days to go until next summer!

Well? Did I leave anything out?


Miss Teacher said...

More things not to say:
"Is your classroom all set up and ready?"

My personal favorite:
"Have you missed your students sooooo much???"
^A friend actually said this to me last June. I just stared at her.

Sunny said...

I totally agree with it all!

Ginger Snaps said...

Those sound just like things my boyfriend would say... lol

Sparkling said...

i am so with you. just tonight, one of k-ster's uncles said "well, sparkling, you've got two weeks" and i was like "for what?" "back to school" no, that's in september and it's more than 2 weeks. i don't know why people get so jealous about teachers having the summer off. i most especially hate it when people ask me if i work in the summer, and they say it like it's a taboo and teachers should just sit on their butts all day like they thinnk we do!

Randy et Jan said...

It'll be OK! Mom

Anonymous said...

Love your list!

Maybe you can add the personal mantra of "I think I can! I think I can!"

Better yet, folks should say, "Would you like a moon pie?" That goes over so well, but you better make sure you have some moon pies. They bring everyone together.

Oh, love the pictures. I am so jealous that you are able to show pictures on your site.

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