It's the first day back from Spring Break and I couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited! Well, more like I had a lot of details on my mind... oh and a hovering helicopter and a chattering bimbo kept me awake FAR past my bedtime. Six o'clock came awfully early this morning. I was happy to get back to school, oddly enough. I think I'm anxious to hurry up and get through these next ten weeks so I can get to summer. And also, I was pretty bored and restless lying around the house all week with no family to visit!
The kids are definitely excited to be back at school today because tomorrow we are taking a field trip to Dana Point Harbor in a chartered bus; we'll also be taking a boat ride to see dolphins and sea lions in the wild. In keeping with the excitement, I've transformed the classroom into an ocean theme for a two week unit on the sea. Afterall, you can't have a field trip without ruining it with academics, right? :)


Anonymous said...

You are my favorite teacher!!!!!! I haven't been on a field trip in years.

Anonymous said...

A Review in Haiku/Doctor prescribes much hot coffee/A three out of five

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