The freedom to clean

This week is finally over!! I thought spring break would never come... The kids were really antsy on Friday (almost as antsy as I was)! As the last bell rang, all I could think was "freedom, sweet, sweet freedom!!". And then after the kids were gone and I was standing there in the middle of the debris left in the classroom, I realized that chaos still reigns even without the students. I looked around me (you'll remember what my desk looks like) and saw all the loose papers, all the clutter, all the dust, all the candy wrappers and the Easter grass littered on the floor, and with a big sigh I resigned myself to coming in over the weekend and restoring some order.
Little did I know how long that would take me... I spent six hours cleaning up and setting up the room today. The first two and half hours were spent clearing my desk alone! I found some pretty old stuff on my desk (unseen in the picture in the previous post). I found five loose pumpkin seeds, a couple of memos from September 1st (guess they weren't that important), and a paper bat we'd made back in October. Ahem... pretty embarrassing. The rest of the time was spent taking down Easter and putting up an ocean theme to greet the kids when they come back. Now all I have to do is go back tomorrow and actually get some planning done! So much for freedom :).


Max said...

If you think that's bad, take a look under your side of the bed...

Anonymous said... be tenured is a wonderful thing.

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