Teacher talk

As a teacher, it's sometimes possible to go a whole day without seeing another teacher. I teach five steps right across the way from Mrs. L, who's also in the DHH program. I somehow managed not to see her all day. I heard her, at times ("What did I just say?"), but never saw her until the last bell of the day. We were both outside trying to get our kids in some semblance of a line to go to the bus. She looked up at me, startled, and asked:
"Have I seen you today?"
"Oh, well hi" She nudged one of her kids back into place.
"Yeah, how are ya?" I rearranged my kids into position.
That was the end of our conversation.
Teaching shouldn't leave you feeling isolated, craving adult conversation... good thing I have Max to come home to :)


Anonymous said...

A Review in Haiku/Alone with kids, Max at home/A two out of five

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm...try going a week without speaking to your colleagues. Eat lunch and grade papers, use conference hour to grade papers, use 5 minute passing time to grade papers = isolation and eroding social skills.

Max said...
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Max said...

At the risk of seeming ignorant, isn't a Haiku supposed to be in 5/7/5 format?

Anonymous said...

Review in Haiku/Mistakes were made, I'm sorry/A four out of five

Sabni said...

Haiku in Review/Identities revealed now/A five out of five

Max said...

I feel better now.

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