Fried Brain


  • Take 32 things that need to be done immediately
  • Add 21 important decisions to make
  • Mix in brain for 5 hours
  • Add 14 phone calls to take during instructional time
  • Shake well.
  • Garnish with an awkward parent phone call
Serves 1 stressed out teacher!


Max said...

You forgot salt. Everything needs salt.

Anonymous said... gotta love them. I just finished a meeting with one. Her daughter tells her EVERYTHING. In a parents defense, nearly all, love their kids and would kill anyone who messes with them. All parents want to trust their child. However, not to the parents credit. Is their inability to think their child might shade the truth a bit. Children tell them EVERYTHING??!!?? How polyanna can that be? Kids tell their parent what is COMFORTABLE to hear. How many kids do you know that tell their moms and dads stuff that will get them grounded, punished, or put on a leash? Parents....go figure. If I had a million dollars for everytime I heard, "my kid doesn't lie, cheat, fool around, drink, drug, etc.

Sarah said...

I feel your pain...

Sabni said...

Review in Haiku/This is not as cute as hoped/A one out of five

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