Freaky Friday experiment

I'm looking forward to tomorrow in a weird, scared/excited kind of way. A regular ed. teacher named Mrs.B approached me a few weeks back about wanting to trade places for the day because she's always wanted to see what it would be like to teach DHH. I said I would gladly switch classrooms with her because I've always wondered how those teachers handle 34 kids at once. So tomorrow is the big day. We actually decided to just do it in the morning because she thinks I'll burn out by lunch (apparently her kids are super wild this year!). I'm a little nervous that I might panic seeing 34 faces, 34 desks, and 34 mouths yakking. I'm hoping that by the end of the day I'll have a little more appreciation for my own kids, and a little more understanding of the general ed world.
I told my kids about our Freaky Friday experiment today before the last bell rang. First I had to explain what Freaky Friday was because only three kids had seen the movie. Then they all got excited about it (I wouldn't tell them which teacher I was switching with) and totally intrigued about who it would be. One darling student who had seen the movie raised his hand and asked me: "Will she have your face?" But I assured him that there would be no magic involved and that each teacher would stay in her original body. Kids..... :)


Anonymous said...

Review in Haiku/Switching places is funny/A four out of five

Anonymous said...

I am anxious to read about your Freaky Friday...maybe you REALLY do turn into that other teacher! I will watch your blog faithfully to find out if it REALLY happens to you.

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