Sink or swim

This morning I was exhausted from having stayed up WAY past my bedtime at the opera last night with grandma. It was incredible, and totally worth it, but I felt like I'd been run over by a truck this morning when the alarm rang.
I had a good morning. But then somewhere between 11:30 and noon, chaos and panic found their way into my mind and never really left me alone. Maybe it had something to do with the new kid I got this morning (and was just informed of at 5:20 the night before), or the fact that I have two IEP's and a triennial coming up in the next month that I haven't started working on yet. Or maybe it was that four kids, nearly half my class, had hearing aids that were for some reason or another not working and needed to see our audiologist (who wasn't on site yet). Whatever the reason, I caught myself thinking of Spring Break and how long ago that seemed... and was it ever really here or was it just a dream?
To quote "Finding Nemo": "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."


Anonymous said...

I pity the people that can't swim...What is a triennial? It sounds really scary!

Sarah said...

A triennial is an evaluation that takes place every three years to determine if the child still qualifies for special ed. It involves doing a whole battery of tests and paperwork... yuck!

Max said...

So now who's looking forward for spring break to be over?

Anonymous said...

A Review in Haiku/If things can fail, they sure will/A two out of five

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