Sea stories

There was so much buzz and excitement in my classroom this morning, I was a little worried that our field trip wouldn’t live up to our expectations. I was wrong! It was by far the best field trip ever. What made it so great was that it was interesting, hands-on, and the staff didn’t drone on and on about who knows what. The weather was fantastic, and everyone had a blast. We were on a boat for most of the time. We got to touch a live star fish and a sea urchin (one of my students tried to barter with the boat staff to let him bring the star fish home as a pet… it didn’t work, but I’ll give him credit for trying!) We saw some loud sea lions, and we spotted a baby gray whale near our boat! It came up to the surface three or four times while we were watching it. We ate our lunch on the beach and watched Finding Nemo in the charter bus on the way home. An excellent day overall, apart from feeling terribly seasick on the boat, as you’ll note from the picture (no joke!)

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Anonymous said...

Congatulations for your "best field trip ever!" God was very kind to allow you a glimps into His aquarium. Your blog is a treat!

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